Back to School: Back to Fitness

Moms across the world have said good bye to their last excuse for not working out. That big yellow bus is high tailing down the road and you’ve got to make the most of your time. In as little as 12 minutes I’ve mapped out a no-fail workout that you can finish even while folding that never ending pile of laundry.

Fluff, Fold & Flick: (works the hips, thighs and glutes) standing in front of the laundry basket feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees lowering your hips back in a seated postion, reach hands forward grabbing article of clothing, stand squeezing the glutes hold as you fold the item of clothing while glutes are tightened contract the abs, hinge forward at the hips bringing your chest parallel to the floor as you place the article of clothing in the drawer, keeping everything tight and contracted stand tall and repeat until all laundry is fluffed, folded and you’ve flicked that old “don’t-have-time-to-workout” chip off your shoulder!