mindful exercise

Today’s Small Change: Exercise mindfully.

Quiet Your Mind to Benefit Your Body

If you’ve been practicing meditation exercises, then you’re already familiar with the concept of mindfulness. When you are being mindful, you have no other purpose than being fully awake and aware of the moment you’re in.

But you don’t necessarily have to set time aside or perform special rituals to be mindful — you can incorporate mindfulness into activities you already perform. In fact, you can approach any activity in a mindful way, including exercise. Today’s small change is to bring mindfulness into your workout. You may be surprised at how doing so can boost your motivation, efficiency, and enjoyment when performing your regular form of physical activity.

For example, as you’re walking, try not to think about all the things you have to do — tune out that ever-present stream of “mental chatter” (“I need to pick up milk at the store”; “What should I make for dinner tonight?” and so on). Likewise, resist the urge to wish you were anywhere but on the treadmill or walking around the track. Instead of wishing the moment away, relish it. Get in touch with your body. Notice how your muscles feel, how your body is breathing deeply, and how good it feels to be moving. If you are outdoors, observe the trees, the sky, the water — whatever makes up your environment. Be in the moment.

How does that feel? Bringing mindfulness into your exercise routine can help you get a reading on the state of your body and your emotions. Try not to judge yourself, but simply experience the activity you are doing and embrace it.

-from living healthy w/Ellie Kreiger

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