Daniel Fast ’09 Cont’d

It’s day 4 of the fast, my body has gotten used to the eating, my temptations not so much. I was running errands today and was craving McDonald’s fries like nobody’s business then I realized that I really wasn’t hungry just craving. And while the perfect thing to say right now would be that I began to pray, I did but in a selfish way.

I started praying for the stuff that I want in my life, in a woe is me kindof way. I then recalled when Pastor helped us understand that in 2009 God has completed His dealings with man on a natural level and is now going to deal with us on a spiritul level.

My spirit began to grieve at this point. I realized this fast is not about the list of things that I need, that I’ve been praying for or hoping for. I realized that it’s about what He wants in my life.

He wants me to want Him, to have a hunger that cannot be filled by stuff, acheivements, recognition, titles or even fulness of spirit. Although He wants me to prosper even as my soul prospers, He wants ALL of me FIRST!