kuhn-fruhnt (con-together; fruhnt-forehead) face in hostility or defiance; oppose:
2. to present for acknowledgment, contradiction, etc.; set face to face:
3. to stand or come in front of; stand or meet facing:
4. to be in one’s way: the numerous obstacles that still confronted him.
5. to bring together for examination or comparison

Confrontation is a touchy subject. For the person that enjoys the smell of the fight, confrontation is like a breath of fresh air. For the personality type that confrontation creates a shut down of communication, emotion and self-confidence; it feels like suicide.

I’m compelled to consider my obligation to step up face to face with the things that force me to die to myself. To face the hidden demons that prevent me from becoming who I am destined to be, the soft spoken voices of condemnation and accusation, the pleasures of self-fulfilling temptations and the ease of omission which tangles a deceptive make-believe. To recognize the opportunities: to have, do, see, touch, feel, smell, taste, enjoy; recognize that while good in the moment, terminal conclusions await my vulnerability.

Bring me to myself-a face to face defiance of the immediate things that hinder me. Even if it be myself. Bring me to a place of recognizing that life has more to offer than the immediacy I’ve been conditioned to desire. Bring me to a place of surrender and sloughing, a revolutionary unveiling of a woman I never knew. Bring me to a reflection of the sacrifice, slander and slaughter made for my identification. Bring me to the recognition of my hands, my feet, my voice, my stature, my vision, my breath.

Cronfront me Lord you knew me before, now and what is to come, show me the things that you don’t recognize and rid them from me so that I might be a reflection of your image.