Who do you think you are?

I’ve heard people say they have their “church friends” and their ‘other’ friends or their church life and their other life…I kinda raise an eyebrow to that cuz it’s kinda like living a double life. It’s as if there’s some kind of seperation between the ‘church-you’ and the ‘other-you’.

So it naturally leads me to question and ponder, does the church-you smile, worship, say a million thank-you’s, laugh, cry at the tender moments, repent, do all the kind-hearted wonderful things about life? Does the other-her do all the same? So then what’s the difference?

If the church-you is at walmart and runs into an-‘other’ friend but church-you is dressed in ‘church’ clothing does church-you morph into Suzie Liesalot; sorry ‘other-you; or play the wolf in sheeps clothing or completely dip down the frozen foods isle in hopes that the ‘other’ friends don’t recognize them?

Speaking of which, is there a church God and an-‘other’ god to play along with this charade? If the other-you goes to the god with a request that was intended for the Church God what happens then? Hmmm…kinda makes you wonder (James 1:8)