Not the best word this time of year, it almost conjures up a roaring, raging Bah Humbug. Running errands the other day I drove past a church sign that read “From Humbug to Halleluah” and it listed the service times. I chuckled then it hit me, that takes discipline. Discipline to be in a humbug state of mind and the like to change your mind to halleluh on top of the fact that you gotta get to service on time!

This time of year as we strategize our diet sabotage, Year long Christmas Lists and “what’ll I’ll do in January” plans, discipline comes in all shapes sizes, and pretty packages.

Everything smells so good, I mean sooooo good. Although, the cinnamon scented pine cones I brought home weren’t considered as much when the smell about smacked my husband in the face when he walked in the house. Oops! Too much of a good thing is never right! And everything looks so pretty I just wanna buy it all!

Anyway, back to the discipline. I’ve about made my way down the list of simple Christmas gifts for my kids and my husband, I’ve planned and prepared a pre-thanksgiving apetizer/dessert party, packaged cookie jar gifts for the kids teachers, launched the new dance studio kick-off class and yet I can’t help but feel a sense of rebellion from discipline. I stepped on the scale with one eye open and hands on my hips reciting the words, whatever it’s just a number only to glance down and stomp across the bathroom in defeat recalculating the lack of discipline and countless stops in the fast food drive through. With Thanksgiving only a few days away I again, recall my lack of discipline and wonder why noone held me accountable; I should be lacing up for the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon! Why didn’t anyone stop me, why wasn’t anyone checking to see if I was running, why, why why…because I was just flat out too wise for my own good…

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” -Bill Cosby…. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. -Proverbs 12:1

Lord have mercy let me accept when I’m stupid, too stupid to get my act together and heed the advice I give to others to get it together.