"That’s not my message"

Today we had an amazing service in church. It was “bring a friend day” but better than that, the College & career and youth hosted the entire service including the message. One of our (I say our, taking great pride in the opportunity to teach this young man); one of our highschool students talked about finding your own faith. He said we can’t ride to heaven on anyone else’s faith. When we get there, we can’t simply say oh I’m with them (grandma’s faith, mom & dad’s faith, the girl in the cubicle next to me, etc.) “them” just isn’t listed in the lambs book of life, the names that ARE recorded are specific! So he goes on to talk about our own individual faith is based on our understanding and desire to have a covenant with the Lord. He joking said, “if you’re wondering what the covenant is, well that’s not my message, that’s Pastor’s message so you need to come hear what he has to say”

Then it clicked! That’s not my message. I can only do, teach, speak and convey what God has sent me to do. I can’t run bootcamps because He didn’t send me to teach bootcamps. I can’t have these fat-loss tremendous “biggest loser style weight loss results” with hundreds of participants at once, that’s not my message. My message is on connecting people. Getting people to realize that they are not alone, getting folks outside of their little shell of hybernation and isolation to realize that there are others available and willing to help them walk out whatever they are in. My call may be in fitness, but its the gathering of groups. It’s group therapy! I get them in, I give them what they need, they tell others, they have what they need (rehabilitated) and they move on, making room for the next person. I can’t hold onto anyone or any place. I can only move when He tells me to move, plant where He tells me to plant and tend to the field He tells me to tend to.

My harvest comes! Until then, I will continue to plant, plow and praise!