Finding Balance

A few weeks ago I started having these weird dizzy spells.

At first I chalked it up to the sleepless nights of nothingness like blogging at 12:28am! But with a quiet house and Christmas music, what else is there to do? I laugh as I fight the heaviness in my eyes…anyway, so these “spells” started hitting me very randomly but almost certainly and severely might I add. My husband even chuckled at one episode and responded by calling me “dopsy” which was the name I inherited during pregnancy because I tripped over shoes, rug corners and even air at times.

But these episodes were weird because I would be standing in one place and all of a sudden feel like I was falling. Knowing that it wasn’t right I started combing my daily routines for possible causes and solutions. One friend suggested improper diet and lack of sleep, well, now there’s a clever thought…it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas so….yeah, does that mean Ima be dizzy for the next few weeks? NO! I refused that one.

So began the self diagnosis.

Rx #1-Equilibrium, maybe too much cold damp air on my head when I leave the gym after teaching a class. hmmm, maybe but there wasn’t any pain or drainage (I’d apologize for using graphic descriptives but we are all moms-those words don’t offend us).

Rx #2-Lack of sleep-uh, nope been there, havn’t done that, need to do that but yep still not happenin’—scratch that

Rx #3-Balance-hey, I was reading somewhere that pre-menopasal symptoms are weird and unexplainable. And with all the unexplainable random crying I’ve been doing, that could be it. After all, I USE TO be the queen of planks and Core training. Though, I’ve slacked on doing it myself I delight myself making my clients do planks til they despise me :-)…but for now, that wasn’t it either.

Ok, stay with me on this one…maybe it’s internal, like deeper than the belly button to spine issue.

Here was my Ah-Ha (sorry Oprah) moment…I remembered reading in one of my FAVORITE books “Captivating: unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul” By Stasi Eldredge; that dizzy spells might be a form of your spirit being out of balance.

Now, I’m not trying to get all woo-y but it kinda made sense. If my spirit was happy one day, sad the next, I’d call that out of balance. But anyway so I pulled out the book for clarity. It made perfect sense.

I’m 10 weeks in the heart of a bible study I’m doing called “Believing God” this study has really helped me know that I can pray and ask God for the smallest or grandest things. It’s really increased my faith and understanding of what God wants to bless me with. One of the key principals is to not grow weary in doing what’s right and to stand firm because God will never fail me. STAND FIRM!

That was in! Because I decided to take a STAND on believing God is bigger than I’ve always imagined Him; that whether my prayers are for more time in a day or a miraculous healing or motivation to get in a workout and eat right, because I decided that “ain’t nuttin gonna break my stride” there were negative forces tryin’ to slow me down! (One of my faves again)

So I up-ed my prayers. I prayed for balance! I prayed for CORE STRENGTH! Ha! Core Strength, how many times have I explained to people the difference between CORE STRENGTH and 6 Pack Abs?

Core Strength is that deep underlying muscle support that keeps everything that’s vital to you staying alive, well protected and it keeps your spine in tact so that you can STAND tall and keep your BALANCE.

So that’s it, my balance was being challenged. So how do you regain your balance? Focus!…What was I so focused on that it had me dizzy, feeling like I was about to fall over? Have you felt that? Out of control maybe, unstable, waivering on decisions, a little off? What’s got your focus?