Due Date

This week I became ridiculously frustrated. To tears. It was almost like that pregnant friend who calls and says “just get this baby out of me, I’m over it at this point” and she knows there’s at least a few weeks to go.

That’s the discomfort I felt inside. Having given birth to 3 fair sized munchkins myself (all C-Section I might add); my emotions were trapped in the delivery room nausea, the fear of the post op pain, and the frustration of the post baby pooch.

Now I speak of this “pain” in childbirth like humor to prove a point. This past year, coincidentally “09”, felt like 9 months of incubation, trimester cycles and physical reshaping. I felt like God was creating something in me that is now ready to be birthed.

For almost 8yrs now I’ve had the honor and privilege to nurture the healthy lifestyles of women from every walk and life-stage. We’ve talked, we’ve squatted, we’ve wogged (somewhere between walking and jogging) and we’ve become close friends.

I’ve committed to becoming the trainer that everyone seeks after, the “best” instructor on the schedule, the one that simply gets what it’s like no matter what it is and yet somehow I feel as though my due date keeps getting pushed back.

Since inception, inneractive FITCLUB was created with an idea that we could keep busy moms fit while keeping their schedules and commitments with their children. I knew that it was God-breathed when I came upon the scripture which now stands as a cornerstone to my training philosophy; Ephesians 3:16 “that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man.”

So why am I so frustrated. Well, just as the pregger chick, I’m ready to get this thing out of me. I’m well certain it can breath on it’s own, it has the legs and arms and all the appendages to move and stand and hold onto whatever is placed in its hands. Its ready, I’ve maintained a proper diet of the Word of God, an active lifestyle with consistent exercise in living a life of discipline and love and all things that are in the list of the fruits of the spirit, I have all the signs and symptoms of being ready to deliver! Arrrrrggggggg

But no delivery. YET! It’s December 29th and I can reflect on the time I’ve prepared for this “birthing” and I can hope and pray that when God deems the time right for it to be presented to the world it will be beautiful. It will resemble my traits, it will have my character and personality but more important it will be evidence of His wonder and miracle in the process! Praise His Holy Name!!!!!!!!!! I am expecting!!!!!

-keep your heart pumpin’ and your spirit movin’