When the tough get goin’

There’s a quote I read yesturday that has stuck with me, “The body on the couch wants to stay on the couch and it will as long as it does, but the body that begins moving, once it starts, wants to keep going”

You really don’t realize how good it feels to move; whether running, walking, swimming or whatever it is you start doing; until you actually start doing it. It’ll be tough to start and it might even hurt, it may even feel like you were better off staying where you were. But once you get going the results begin to outweigh the sacrifice and there’s no stopping you!

The same is true in our faith walk. It hurts to start, it feels like someone made you run a marathon and you’re not anywhere near the status of a wogger (that’s part walker part jogger) and your body aches, you have trouble catching your breath and you’re mad at the very fact that you’ve even decided to start this thing. BUT WHOA ONCE THE RESULTS BECOME EVIDENT!!!!!!

Let me encourage you, keep moving! Perhaps in your current fitness program you’ve reached a plateau; that’s the point you haven’t seen any difference, you’ve lost most of your motivation and you find cupcakes and soda are better partners than a dumbbell and 1 mile walk. Perhaps your current faith walk is just the same. With either of the two, change it up. What you’ve always done has reached it’s max, it’s time to do something different. The best way to shed off the stubborn unwanted excess is intervals, intervals are small bursts of strength training (ephesians 3:16, Joshua 1:6, Isaiah 40:31) and cardio conditioning (John 16:33, Col 1:11). And don’t forget that what you are putting in your mouth is just as important as what comes out! (Proverbs 18:21)

In the matchless name of Christ I pray that you will recognize that He wants you to be ALL that He has called you to be! don’t settle for status quo and oh well, go for more!

Keep movin’,


-keep your heart pumpin’ and your spirit movin’