Sally’s Walk

Some people don’t like the way…Sally walk!

Ha! It’s a throwback for anyone who’s a true 80s child (classes of 89-93) this was THE song at every house party, after the ball game hangouts, you name it and that song was boomin on the DJ’s speakers. To this day I hear the song and my head starts bobbin’ and I’m right back at the “Y”; which if you weren’t at the “Y” you probably weren’t in the scene of the who’s who and what’s what in good old Canton. Or as we liked to call it, Canton’s Finest!

Brings back memories, but it also got me to thinking. What was it about Sally that got folks to the point that someone made up a rap about her, and why don’t they like the way she walks.

…she don’t live in manha-in’ bronx queens or da island of sta-in

I mean, wow to even lay down lyrics discussing where she did and didn’t live. Hmmm, did people talk about me like that? At the “Y”, the popular place to be, with the popular kids, was I so popular or did I just think I was? Was my walk talked about?

Do people still talk about the way I walk. Do they notice that my stride is a little different from the woman next to me? Do they pay close attention to the fact that even though there may be others watching me, despising the way “Amia walk”; I still keep walkin’

-keep your heart pumpin’ and your spirit movin’