Spicy Burpees

Today’s TBC (Total Body Conditioning) was on warp-speed. Either the GroupX room was overheated or I about beat the pulp out of everyone in the room including myself. It was CRAZY!!!!

warm up: one woman said “this is your warm up OMG what are you gonna do to us today”

1 minute each: crunches, jacks, push ups, alt. lunges

round 1-Mountain climbers, jacks, high-knees, lunges

round 2-Core rotations, planks, squats w/overhead press, alt. front/back lunges

round 3-Side Pillar (plank) rotations both sides

round 4-Renegade row, frog jumps (4x)

round 5-hi/lo-wood chops

DONE! HA! It was absolutely invigorating! Finished it off with an Odwalla Berries GoMega

Finished the night with a spicy Salsa Fusion with an amazing group of ladies, cumbia-merengue-salsa-fused in an action packed one hour party! 500 calories gone! Es Muy Caliente!!!