nothing in my size

Well I think I might have found a possible solution. I don’t know about you but I hesitate shoping online because not only will I have the fitting room frustrations of “there was nothing in my size”  add to that buy, try return and I just say forget it.  The folks at have mastered the Go Sizeless hoping to banishing size from the personal  experience of online shopping.  MyShape puts an end to the search for the elusive perfect fit by taking the guesswork out of online shopping. MyShape assesses the proper fit based on body proportions and shape not size.  At she enters a few key measurements and a newly released expert system automatically predicts the rest of her body measurements.  After sharing her style and fit preferences, her Personal shop is instantly filled with a rich assortment of fashions that flatter her shape, match her measurements and reflect her style – from over 200  designers-regardless of size.  New popular features include cutting edge social shopping allowing members to invite friends to shop and comment on their selections just like they would offline (in store).

An innovative fashion marketplace, MyShape provides each member with her own Personal Shop™ filled with styles selected from more than 200 designers that match her measurements, body shape and fashion and fit preferences.

Discover effortless shopping in 3 easy steps!