Ripe Fruit!

Today I’m home fighting off the residues of a flu bug which became airborne and by some fluke of luck ended up in my lungs. I’m sick of coughing, I’m sick of sitting in one place and I’m sick of feeling like I can’t actually do anything because my body is as stiff as a board. Man, I don’t know how some people actually chose to sit still ALL DAY! This is making me insane.

Well all of this sitting still has given me a ton of time to reflect on some of the Bible Study materials I’ve learned from the Beth Moore study Believing God and really start to consider what have I been believing God for?  Have I invested and done my part in the believing? Have I committed to what I told God I would do and stuck to it?  Have I considered what He might be asking of me? Most of those I can say yes. I can also say, yes I’ve been rather anxious to see what else He’s ready to do with me.

With all of this time on my hands I had the chance to filter out the inbox of what my son calls “way too many emails” and came across Lysa Terkeurst’s Blog. Man, does that woman have a way to connect to my heart. Between her and Beth Moore, I’m almost thinking we were seperated at birth.  I’m quoting her from today’s blog:

“Consumers want products.

Hearts want truth.

The question then becomes, how do we best connect what people want with what we offer.

Certainly being in ministry, we operate much more on faith than a company ever would. But there are some business principles that shouldn’t be ignored especially when part of ministry requires a bit of business savvy. Even Jesus used solid business principles when instructing people.

John 4:35, “I tell you open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

So, I guess I am trying to open my eyes and look at my fields.

Or, as the business world would say, get to know your consumers and what makes them respond.”

Eureka!!! That’s exactly where I am! Thank you God for shedding light on my path. I know that He has called me to a particular “field” and I know that the harvest is ripe, I just don’t know what tools to use to sift the field. So I start thinking about the scripture that says even Christ doesn’t sift the field immediately because there are both wheat and tares. If He sifts it to quick, then the wheat will be tossed out with the weeds. Lord God, be the sickle in my hand to know who to sow into. Thank you for your divine discernment that you have allowed me the awesome responsibility of maintaining this field. Father God I will with all diligence be a humble servant!  I’ll keep my focus on the field, not just for the harvest but to the Lord of the Harvest!