Love is a battlefield…

“Can’t swallow our pride, neither of us wanna raise a flag…can’t surrender then we both gonna lose what we have…why does love always feel like a battlefield…better go and get your armour”

Anything that we love is always worth the battle, right? whether it’s the love of the parking space in front of the store so we go tooth & nail to get that space. Or perhaps it’s the love of the food that brings us comfort so we fight til the end to atleast find some sort of recipe that satisfies the craving with fewer calories; even if it means in a fit of desperation we nibble every tiny morsel of a Hershey’s Bliss.  Lest we not forget the ones we love, who even though they have an irritating ability to crawl under our skin and stand on the last nerve we have left, we will morph into some rabid woman and go to war for them. Although sometimes we even fight them, trying to stand up for what we know we deserve, even if it’s just to get a point across. 

The battlefield, most of the time is in a conjured up thought that convinced us that the person, the world, the jeans that wont zip all the way up or that food you love so much is really out to take you down. So we work out a master plan to kill before we are killed.

Today my children argued profusely over who would play the XBox first. So they agreed they would choose a game they could both play. WONDERFUL! So I thought. The argument shifted… (in whining tones-mind you they are 7&9); “I’m first player, you always get to be first…maaaaahhhhhhmmmmeeeeee” “stoooop-it, gooooshhhah, you neeever let me choose first-ah”

Notice the “ah” at the end of the whining song, this is the official stamp of the whining child regardless of age, regardless of academic standing, regardless of who the whining’s projected at. “ah” is the closing statement.

So anyway, the whining continues until my husband finally shut it down and sent them both to their rooms. So up they sliver their way through the hall, long faces, bodies lingering behind the moans and huffing. Finally my daughter slinks into my room with a pink sheet of paper she had torn from her journal, explaining what she has asked God to do, titled: STOP YELLING

“Dear God, please help me to stop yelling and stop getting so angry so easily. Please help me to not fight with my brothers. God please help me to not be so mean to my brothers. And help me to respect my parents. In Jesus name I pray amen.”


First of all, as a mother, I couldn’t be more proud! We’ve tried to teach our children if there’s something going on, internally or externally that you can’t understand, take it to God. He will help you understand what it is or even if He doesn’t, trust and know that He will take care of it.

As a woman, I’m humbled. She realizes at 7, that sometimes we just might be wrong and raise our flag. Even if we aren’t  sure what it might be that causes us to fly off the handle and end up on a battlefield, we just have to go get the armour necessary to fight the battle. This particular battle was within herself. But she decided rather than beat herself up, she took it to God. 

Her armour was prayer! Unhindered, from the heart, prayer. What a lesson we learn from a child. I’m totally convinced that God uses my children to teach me lessons. 

Ephesians 6: 10-17 says Put on the full armour of God and stand firm against any tricks of the devil that comes your way. (even in the shape of chocolate covered anything). Use every piece of God’s armour so that after the battle you will remain standing. Stand your ground with the belt of truth; protect your body with His righteousness. For shoes put on the readiness to preach the Good News of His peace and in every battle hold up your shield of faith to protect yourself from the fiery darts aimed at you. Your salvation becomes the helmet which will protect your head (your thoughts) and pick up your sword, which is the Word of God.

In Jordan Sparks’ song Battlefield she repeats the chorus, “I never meant to start a war, you know I never wanna hurt you, don’t even know what we’re fighting for, why does love always feel like a battlefield…guess you betta go and get your armour” 

Even when the battle is within our own minds, fighting against the struggles of weight management, success, parenting, marriage, yelling at our siblings; having the full armour of God we can confidently go into battle standing up for what we know is TRULY right!  My daughter’s little prayer reminds me that when we take it to God, He gives us peace and even if we didn’t get what we originally set out for (her playing the game) she was satisfied with what He showed her, how she could be happiest. 

What battle are you fighting? Betta go and get your armour!