Go. Go. Gadget…

Some days I just need a Chief Quimby!

If you’re a true 80s kid I’m sure you remember Inspector Gadget. He was literally ‘the man’…I kinda think he may have been better than Macguyver, although Mac’s fix-it-savant-ability was slightly cuter than the bumbling trench-clad detective.

The inspector always had the best gizmos to take him where he needed to be, get what he needed to get and somehow… solve every issue he ever had. Most of the crimes which Inspector Gadget ‘investigated’ – his missions – were given to him by his boss, Chief Quimby, in note paper which would “self destruct” after he read it.

I wish I could just blurt those words “Go Go Gadget…mommy, chef, chauffer, wife, whatever woman-de’ jour I desperately need to morph into with all the tools that go with the job. Although, looking back over the inspector’s fumblings, no matter how cool his gadgets were, he always managed to get blown up or twisted up in a Jack Tripper meets Homer Simpson “DOH” kind of way.

Oh well, I guess the clarion call to the gadgets isn’t my answer.

Then again,…come to think of it, Christ is kinda my go-go gadget. He says “call to me all who are weary and heavy burdened”. He’s always there to get me out of my ruts, give me solutions to problems that seem almost impossible, and the messages from his “chief” never self distruct.

If you could call out your “go-go-gadget” to Christ and know that there’s no self-destructing “mission” attached to it, what gadget would you chose?

doo da– doo da– doo —inspector gadget; doo da—doo da–doo woo woo…go gadget go…go gadget go…woo woo