Goin’ Gluten-free

hmmm. well, where do I begin. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about gluten other than it’s a protein from wheat and I know more than enough friends who have suddenly become allergic to it and/or diagnosed with Celiac disease and have been forced to go free from it. I’ve done some ‘research’ on it and realized the potential source of my issues which brings me to why I’m writing this blog.

I’m not fanatic about the way I eat or feed my children. I just try to keep us healthy, limit the amount of sugar and junk that comes in the house and our mouths and manage the foods that are on the obviously rediculous list. Having said that, I think I need to get a little more serious. Years ago a friend suggested that my youngest childs mood swings might be connected to her sugar-fix. That was a red flag, not to mention a few glares from the dentist set me straight. But then I started recognizing my own monthly plummits from happy-go-lucky to back-away- from-mama-cuz-she’s-gonna-blow. So again here I am. Anytime we’ve done the Daniel Fast I’ve noticed a huge shift in my physical body and mental alertness but never consider the connection with gluten. So I’m going to do a test. This will be a slow, gentle shift but I’m going to start weeding out the gluten and anything else that sends my family on a downward spiral. Here we go.