More than bible-study

I’ve been reading a VERY profound book called Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst . Can I just say WOW! So many things in this book feel as though it’s reading my life. Even at times that I’ve had to put the book down and simply couldn’t find the time to come back to it, for weeks even, it was right where I needed it to pick back up. 

Whether it was an encouraging word, a confirming word, a convicting word it was always an ontime word. That’s the awesome side of God we don’t often recognize in our microwave world.  God is a series of processes each with their own timing. He is individual yet He is corporate. 

Ch. 16 Finding God in unlikely places talks about the opportunities to see where God is, in EVERYTHING.

Finding God in unlikely places means that I am diligently, whole heartedly searching for Him. To find Him in the hardest places in my life, to find Him in the sweetest moments when my daughter walks up to me and throws her arms around my waist and just hangs on. To find Him in the frustrating, yet honorable responsibilities of mothering, wife-ing, friendship, ministry. To find Him means that I have asked where to find Him, I have saught Him out, I have knocked and the door has come open.

This prayer from Ch.16 will be my meditation for this week.

So, just for today I will live this way. Just for today, I am making the choice not to settle. Just for today. I will not let the subtle influences of pride and thinking I know what is best for me overshadow my desire for more of God in my life. Today, I will believe with absolute certainty. Today, i will obey with complete surrender. Today, I will seek with complete abandon. For doing this is fulfilling the purpose for which I was created…not to bring myself glory by some great accomplishment but to bring God glory by making Him my greatest heart’s desire.

O God, let me make that choice today. Even if is is just for a day-how I long for it to be more-but even if it is just for today, may it be completely so. For one day, completely with You is truly, truly better than a thousand elsewhere.