saddlebags, flip flops and summer do’s

Saddlebags. LOL I still remember the first time my husband heard the word when I was bopping around as a fresh fitness enthusiast lunging to a Denise Austin (SHOUT OUT) early morning workout. Saddlebag slimmers, to be exact. Lunging, squat and donkey kicking my way to a cellulite free, swimsuit worthy thigh I was determined to position myself in front of the tv every morning because I knew that the end of the thing was so much more greater than the beginning. And besides, I was determined to never be the image that matched the apologetic glares everyone gave me when I said I was a “Stay-at-home-mom”. 

Anyway, Denise totally inspired me. Her and all of her Denise-isms like “let’s work on our tush it’s the last thing to leave the room and we wanna leave a lasting impression” in reference to the proper squatting technique, motivated me to be more than “just a mom” and to become something else. I had no idea I’d be celebrating the birth of a new me as a fitness trainer (well back then it was still called aerobics instructor) LOL

Today. I celebrate all the saddlebags I’ve slimmed (ehem including my own). Today I celebrate the first devotion I heard from Stephanie Vinson regarding our feet. OUR FEET? Yes. Our feet.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15.

There she stood barefoot holding hands in our circle of moms after having lead us in a 1 hr step aerobics/toning class reminding us that when we tell folks about good things, when we remind people of the gospel of peace, God considers our ‘feet’ to be beautiful. OUR FEET. We spend a great deal, well most women do, a great deal of pampering our feet when it’s flip-flop season. Mani/Pedi businesses sky-rocket when holidays, special events, and warm weather rolls around. I wonder. Are those toes goin’ to spread good tidings? Is there a gospel of peace being preached from atop those flip-flops?

I spend most of my days in sneakers but what girl doesn’t like a little pampering besides, it might do you some good if  you’re bringing good news and you kinda look like you practice what you preach. LOL 

Back to Denise, and Stephanie for that matter, they didn’t tell me that working out this much would cause my hair to require its own personal trainer. I’ve gone through so many product changes just trying to tame this frizz ball I could start-up my own salon. I actually paused this morning after realizing there was one product for the actual curls, mouse for the frizz, a dab of cream for the volume and glaze for the shine. REALLY? I thought the reason I opted the curls was to give up the fight of the goop for a more manageable, humidity safe summer do. URG…This Georgia humidity is horrible. Between frizzy hair and hay fever I’d take the lake front cool nights and frigid winters in Ohio over this. But nothin beats 97 in May! HA!

With all the saddlebag slimmers, beautiful feet and curly locks on this day of celebration, my confession is that if it hadn’t been for being a stay at home mom, I know that I wouldn’t be living the life that God called me to live. I’m another year older, another year bolder,  another year wiser and I’m leaving the room confident. (with a tighter tush)