what’s in a name

inneractive FITCLUB. that’s the name of this game. that’s the name the Holy Spirit gave to us over 4 yrs ago. For a while I was calling my gig “Fitness Connection” cuz my goal was connecting faith and fitness. Then I found the idea of simply calling it faith and fitness was overused and I was certain that my message was bigger than just simply having faith and having fitness and bringing them together on the same platform.

So long story-short. inneractive FITCLUB was born. Who are we? Haha…We are me, and a bunch of other folks (mostly moms) who just try to make living healthy a part of our everyday being. Healthy in spirit. soul.body.finances.and relationships.

I can thank my wonderful spiritual parents Pastors Robin & Cheryl Hancox for that breakdown of the arenas of life.

So that’s what’s in a name. it’s inneractive FITCLUB oh and the FITCLUB simply is significant to getting fit and being a part of a larger purpose ie CLUB…and we, ehem me is based on the scripture Ephesians 3:16 “paraphrased…that He would strengthen you with his strength in your inner being”.

and by the way, if you’re one of those copycat types (you know who you is) everything’s copywritten and trademarked so don’t even think about it…

-keep movin’ (yep that’s trademarked too)