keep movin’ (part 2)

I’m still movin’! Today I moved a little too slow. I ate something really weird or really wrong yesturday cuz I woke up all swollen, my face, hands and feet and OMG my buttocks. Well, nothing would fit this morning needless to say so I’m just gonna chalk it up to something I ate. I can’t remember what it could have been or if it was a random collection of munchins that made this madness come to be!

BUT…I’m still movin’! Ain’t nuttin gonna break-ah my stride, nooo-body gonna slow me down Oh-No… I got-ta keep ohn-moooovin’…

yet another theme song…my SF(sistah friend, aka “better than a sister better than a friend cuz I found her in Christ”) says if you have a theme song, you might wanna check in with God cuz you might be walkin a border line of issues…(wink wink Val) but I think she’d approve of this one!

Again, still movin’! Today was a test though. I was tested on a few different levels and I had to remind myself that no weapon formed against me would prosper. That I battle not against flesh and blood but against all manner of wickedness, (principalities), hoodlums, thug-life of another world, ok so the scripture doesn’t actually say that but I need to include anyone that would fit in the category so that I know who I am and am not fighting against.  So I won. Atleast this battle.

My arms are sore from my Muai Tai/Kick class/training for the 10K on Tuesday, but had a real fight broke out in one of my test, YEP I coulda took em…I kid I kid…but I’m stronger than I was before!!!!!

I read a great quote from the Navy Seals “The more we sweat in preparation, the less we bleed in battle”

-don’t let nothin’ hold you down…-keep movin’