2 miles and 4 milanos

I confessed today that my hidden indulgence, among a few, are Peppridge Farm Milano Cookies. (psst if by chance Peppridge Farm, if you are reading this or anyone else who manufactures really good cookies, can I request a well-made replica with half the calories, thanks! ) Back to my little confession, A not-to0-much-to-feel-guilty thin layer of rich chocolate between 2 perfectly sweetened shortbread wafers, PURE CHOCOLATHERAPY!!!!

Til ya had one too many. Around midnight I found myself engulfed in the clever life of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Having fallen asleep the last 3 times we attempted to watch it, this was a new movie as far as I was concerned because I couldn’t remember anything beyond the main actors in the film.

Oh did I mention that the cookies were on sale for only $1.99? that was a major hook, line and sinker on my purchasing decision! Anyway, the movie had me all caught up and on the edge of my seat with excitement and I didn’t want to risk falling asleep this go-round, so I dashed to the kitchen to refill my coffee and Ah-Ha there was my delightful bargain of goodness shining like a beacon of restoration.

But wait! What is this I see, someone has opened the bag, and ooooooh gasp! 3 cookies are missing.

Now to some people, any other brand of cookies which might grace the package with row upon row of craving-busting sweetness, 3 missing cookies would be just a blink and a shrug. BUT NOT FOR MILANOS! 3 cookies are half of one of those cute little cupcake wrappers inside the bag. HALF! And I had plans for the whole thing. I repeat this was an evening of chocolatherapy and relaxation! Now half of my therapy was missing. So what’s a girl to do? Only the obvious. Refill the first cupcake wrapper with at least a portion of what’s missing which would rightly then leave me with approx more than half of the remaining sweet retreat for my next weekend session of chocolatherapy.

So off I go to enjoy my 4 Peppride Farm Milano cookies. A few dips and a few sips later, my stomach reminded me why I didn’t need 4 cookies. And on came the guilt.  And the “gotta do a few crunches before bed” and the “uugggghhh I’m sure this extra cookie probably makes the 2 slices of pizza add up to about 4 extra minutes of cardio…and on and on the negative triggers came.  Still sudo-engaged in the movie, I glanced to the side table and noticed a book I purchased and never really got into beyond the intro. 

“Chocolatherapy:Satisfying the Deepest Cravings of Your Inner Chick”. Hmmm, it may as well have read “Chocolatherapy, this is why you really got mad that someone took your cookies”…I opened the book and wow!  The first chapter…Hungry for a change. Perhaps I really wasn’t craving the Milano/Relaxation, maybe I was craving something else with a little side of relaxation.

Now before you shout me down and say “Oh Amia stop over thinking this, my gosh it was only a cookie” Check this out.  Karen Scalf Linamen, the author says

When chaos, change, heartache, stress or crisis send me faraging, I’m probably not really craving chocolate. At the risk of dissing my faithful cocoa friend, I’m realizing chocolate is often just a quick fix, a tasty substitute, a melt-in-your-mouth imposter. ” She says whenever we begin to lean toward ungodly amounts of comfort foods-chocolate and otherwise-chances are good that we’re longing for something else. Something healthier. Something deeper.

Again. WOW! So obviously at this point. The Talented Mr. Ripley took back-seat to my new revelation. I am on a mission now to find out, by process of elimination and prayer, what am I craving when my body is screaming for Chick Fil-A fries and ice dream, when saturday night chocolate chip cookie bars don’t have a substitute?

Here’s a start: Linamen makes the suggestion that whenever a junk food safari is mounting up hunt for the truth by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I experiencing any discernible signs of real hunger? Stomach pains? Fatigue? Growls?
  2. If not, then what am I feeling right now?
  3. If I close my eyes and imagine myself experiencing different emotions or circumstances, do I hit on anything that makes this craving suddenly feel a little less urgent?

Until the next sweet victory…ask yourself What have you been craving? What are you hungry for?

-Keep movin’