Take a breather.

Here’s your next challenge, 3 hills. We climb the first one, it’s high. The second- it’s quick, and the third- it’s steady and strong.

 Set your pace. ready!

Your heart is pounding, your legs are on fire there’s no possible way you can push anything. And then she says it…

“Turn up the resistance, tip forward and ride.  GO! GO! GO! GO! , you just reached your OH CRAP zone”

As I lift my head I find a fresh relief of new air, in the nose out the mouth, in the nose out the mouth…OH MY GOSH…that’s only the first hill.

Now if you’ve ever taken a spin class or any type of H.I.T.T (high intensity interval training) like my inneractive FITCAMP you know the feeling I just described. Gasping for breath I found myself struggling to just wipe the sweat from my brow there was no way I was gonna make it up this next mountain. Til I changed the way I was breathing.

I often have to remind my own classes to breath, sounds rediculous to remind someone to do something that we do everyday, but when you’re body is under stress our natural response is to actually hold our breath. So a subtle reminder can literally save a persons life.

Climbing hills, kickboxing, raising children, dealing with life in general can sometimes take our breath away, not in a good way. Knowing how to breathe can not only recharge you and get you over the next hill, it can ease your mind and help you to realize that what you may be seeing as the end, is actually the beginning of something great!

” This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Look! I am going to breathe into you and make you live again! “Ezekiel 37:5…It’s there plain and simple. I don’t think I need to explain that one.

The next time you feel your chest begins to swell and your shoulders are permanently in your ears, try these simple breathing techniques and Look up! If you’re looking at your feet you’re not breathing, you’ve closed your lungs and you’re gasping for breath…WHOA (let’s come back to that one next time).

How Breathing Can Aid Relaxation.

REMIND YOURSELF: He is the only one who can take our breath away and breath new life into us!


-keep movin’