Gonna be on Oprah!!!!!

So on Saturday I auditioned for Oprah’s Next TV Star! What an experience. A huge wave of emotions hit me last night around midnight including one that I least expected. When my mom died almost 4 yrs ago, the best advice I was given was to fulfill my destiny so that I would not only honor God but also honor her because she would be watching me from heaven. As I stood next in line waiting to be escorted to the audition “tent” the realization that she was watching hit me.

Overcome with emotion I had to fight the tears and that blessing from her, The Holy Spirit and everyone that has ever believed in me propelled me forward. It was so worth it! God Bless you Mommy for teaching me to never doubt who I am, to never allow my circumstances to determine my future. For always letting God show you where to walk, what to say, how to respond and how to raise us!

Thank you God for never giving up on me, for helping me when I felt helpless, for making things clear when my tears clouded my vision, for opening my ears to understanding your Word, for placing people across my path who helped me become who I am.

I’m confident in knowing that God is Who He says He Is. God Will do What He says Can do. I can do all things through Christ. The Word of God is ALIVE and living in me! I am BELIEVING GOD!!!!

If you’d like to see the video I auditioned with, click here