Back to school means…

  Well. Seems like I was just saying that this is going to be a great summer. Here we are barely one week away from the first day of the school year already. It’s bitter sweet really. I feel like I didn’t get to do nearly what I wanted to do with my kids this summer. I feel like I hardly saw any of my friends and yet, I’m releaved that I don’t have to hear the words “so what are we doing today mommy” followed by the “awe man, let’s go somewhere”. So to that sentament, I tip my hat and say “OFF YOU KIDS GO, BE NICE TO YOUR TEACHER, REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS AND BE GONE”…  

JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, I’m ready to get back to the basic neccessities of my daily routine. Routines work, no matter which way you swing it, they work. They are set, they are adjusted only when desperate and everyone knows who’s comin’ and who’s goin’ and you know where any wink of free space is.  

So I smile at routine and say, let’s get back to that. Part of my routine is to schedule in my workout, know what I’m going to eat even if I’m going to be away from the house and one thing I’m adding this year is scheduling once a month time with my girls.  

So this month, our challenge will be Back to Basics. Each week we will focus on 1 simple basic that we need to get back to. There’s only 4 weeks so it’s not that hard. It ain’t trigonometry. (so what if you passed it-it still ain’t that complicated). Jump on the Back to Basics group and we’ll get movin’.  

The challenge again will focus on 4 Basics that we need to get to. Each week is a new challenge, including your workout, what you are eating, and how you are managing you. Oh yeah, and I’m planning to have a little fun with this. Think recess and PE class! Until the bell rings, keep movin’ don’t forget roll call is Monday Aug 9th but it would be nice if you registered first!



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  1. Routine is good! I like that. I’ve been pretty good this summer because I’m off, but when I go back to work on the 9th, will I find the time? It makes so much sense. Schedule it! I schedule everything else. It just makes sense.

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