Back to Basics: Eating Well

From the lunch room to the dinner table…

Kids are headed back to school and you’re back to business after a relaxing summer, but you don’t have to sacrifice eating healthy just because you’re all busy. EatingWell has healthy recipes to fuel active minds and bodies all day long. Check out these ideas and articles for healthy options, from breakfast through dessert, to keep you eating well even when you’re on the go. Dig in and enjoy!


Get children involved in planning and cooking.

Eating nutritious meals in right-size portions will help children and families be healthier and will provide energy to power through the day. Preparing healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; it just takes planning. Get your children involved in planning and cooking and you’ll be surprised by how easy making healthy changes can be.

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Healthy Meal Planning Made Simple

Healthy meal planning is important because you can improve the nutritional quality of your diet by eating more meals at home. Healthy meal planning begins with accurate information about good nutrition and tips for applying that information to your daily life.


Just a sample of what you’ll find on these helpful tools…

Healthy Shopping List

Woman using her healthy shopping listA healthy shopping list is a smart, time-saving tool. It saves you time in the store and when you follow a healthy shopping list it means healthier eating—and no more forgotten favorites!

Sample of the Shopping List:

Sample of your Healthy Shopping List by Meals Matter