Back to Basics-Bare Necssities…

Look for the bare necessities…just listen then read. It’ll pick up your day I promise!

Maybe we complicate life. Maybe it doesn’t really have to be so difficult. I watch my kids play and laugh from their bellies and they are satisfied with a good old fashioned laugh.  Imean a throw your head back, wrap your arms around your body cuz it hurts so good laugh.

I watch my 16-year-old get frustrated at life when he tries to make sense of it and I think, boy if you only knew how easy you had it, if you would just listen to what we tell you. And I think God sees us the same and retreats when we continue to mosey along doin’ our own thang. 

The Word clearly tells us that we shouldn’t worry. That we should seek God first and all the other stuff will come later. He clearly tells us that we don’t even need to worry about trying to save a little here or there, besides some thief could come snatch it  from under us or worse a pesky little moth could sneak up and nibble a tiny hole just small enough that it ruins the very thing you considered priceless. 

When you’re trying to be perfect about life, how much to eat, how little to nibble, how often to “BURN FAT FAST” consider the fact that the bare necessities are all you need. A little of this, a little of that and even a little laughter will take you a long way. Heck the Bible says its medicine for your soul.

Today my challenge to you is look for the bare necessities in your life and wherever you wander, wherever you roam, consider bein’ a little more fonder…and the bare neccessities of life will come to you, they’ll come to you…yeah man!

Keep movin’