Back to Basics: The Whole Truth

So Long Insecurities…you’ve been a bad friend to us.

If we are really gonna get back to the basics, we gotta just get straight to it and say “OK if I have any insecurities I am going to get rid of them. I don’t mean get rid of them in this “SHOUT-THE-Stain-out” kinda way. I know, it’s intimidating to consider that: (A) I have insecurities and/or (B) I’m ready to get rid of them. Look, I would never make any suggestion that we consider getting rid of anything without taking account for what we would replace it with. The word of God has countless examples of His ability to exchange what we have accepted as truth for TRUTH.

Notice I didn’t say exchange the lie for the truth. See, alot of what we live everyday, have been told throughout our lives and even see in the mirror are part-truths. Yes that is a lie to be technical but like I tell my kids, if the devil came at you with a flaming pitchfork and bloody fangs you would run in the other direction. So what does he do? He comes at us wrapped in pretty packages that look like inspiration (ie: that’s what I want to look like, or as soon as I can have that…) these subtle truths hide the lie that we aren’t enough, don’t have enough, or could be better IF.

So again, while it might be part truth because it taps into a desire in our hearts which is perfectly God given, it grows into a life-sucking, insecurity-tapping, mind-trapping acceptance of second best alternatives.

So as we embark on this challenge to get back to the basics, let’s do it first by accepting that there might just be an insecurity that has allowed us to fall into this whirlwind of believing we aren’t one thing unless we are another. Let’s swap that for the truth of who we were created to be, who we are and who we are becoming. We know that ultimately God has the final say regarding what happens to our lives, but He gives us the ability to choose. His hope is that we would choose to allow Him the permission to guide us, speak to us and we heed His advice, and ultimately that we would exchange our assumptions with HIS TRUTH!

Basic Truth: You are wonderfully made for His purpose.

-Get Back to the Basics!