Back to Basics: Eat, Pray, Love

***DISCLAIMER::::::I Have NOT seen the movie yet. It sounds interesting enough simply because so many of us are eating, praying and loving our way toward a goal of finding who we are. Only problem is that we are eating the wrong thing, praying to the wrong source and loving to the point that we are exhausted. We are doing it all with no direction. I heard a quote today which spoke loud to this…without a map to where you are going, how do you know if you got there.  So having said that, let the mapping begin!

*(please note this is NOT a paid endorsement of the book, movie or anything associated with eat, pray, love)

 With the opening of the highly anticipated film adaptation of Eat Pray Love, women across the world are now launching out for their own self-discovery journey.

 So I think it would be perfect for us to take our own journey! Let’s take a little trip making a few stops along the way. We’ll Eat without worry, as Julie Roberts so cleverly quips “No Carb Left Behind”, and consider why food has become an enemy. Our next stop we’ll PRAY: what is it, how do you do it, why do you do it, what can we expect from it. And last but certainly not least, as the WORD defines it, the greatest of these (especially among this list) we’ll LOVE. That in itself is a little intimidating when you consider the total meaning of the word.

Well, let me just ask you, what do each of these things mean to you?




 No bags, no reservations. Only a desire to discover, enjoy the journey, open your eyes and your mind to see what you find. Let’s EAT, PRAY and LOVE: YOUR journey toward discovering yourself!