Back to basics: EAT! Anything you want

Ask anyone who’s trying to ‘watch their weight’ and they’ll quickly tell you the most frustrating thing is knowing what to eat. Experts say as long as you’re not eating the processed stuff, you literally can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT; with moderation of course.  Wise man say  “Everything is permissible but not always beneficial.”

So what is anything? The least amount of packaging and processing, the better off you are. When reading the labels, it should say what’s in the container. (ie: beans should say, well “BEANS” period)

Watch this video

Knowing how much to eat is the next key to eating anything you want. Most women with a strong urge to lose weight immediately divert to eating less to lose the weight. The problem isn’t how much you are eating, it’s what you are eating. TRUST ME. When you calculate how many calories you need to simply stay alive (that’s breathing & organ function) along with the proper portion sizes, you’ll be surprised that it’s a challenge to get it all in.

It’s the good food, the food that keeps your running and not feeling guilty that falls under the anything you want.  You can have whatever you want. My advice, get creative. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating salads all day-cuz that could get you in trouble once you pile on the toppings.

Check out the Nutrition Data  or Web MD calorie requirements calculator to see just how many calories you need on a daily basis. Once you’ve done that, get a healthy grocery shopping list from our friends at Health Castle and eat to your hearts desire.