Fruits & Veggies More Matters Month

September is National Fruits & Veggies: More Matters Month! So I kicked off the month with a green smoothie challenge in an attempt to get more in because more matters-hence the name. Getting in more isn’t always that easy especially if the options outweigh the good.

(From For many of us, junk food is much more tempting when it’s within easy reach. If it’s out of sight, it is probably out of mind – and won’t be calling your name every time you walk past it. So go take a deep dive into your kitchen and get rid of all the junk that your body doesn’t need, and trade up for something healthier that is deserving of permanent citizenship in your home!

I know that counting calories can be daunting. Eating a “strict” diet just makes you want the junk even more and we say “i’m gonna do better tomorrow” but tomorrow seems to never arrive. My suggestion to you is stop. Stop beating yourself up when you forget to count your calories, stop convincing yourself that you can’t do it because you aren’t disciplined, Stop saying I’ll just burn it off in the gym. Cuz guess what, that don’t work either. So I know you’re probably asking “THEN WHAT DOES WORK?”

Here’s what works.

1.  There are so many foods you can choose from that will keep you healthy and actually make you feel full. Find out what you like simply by tasting them. Know how much food makes you full. Here’s a clue, when you eat food that’s healthy for you, I promise you that you’ll get fuller faster. It just works that way, these foods were created to satisfy us, that’s why when we eat junky food it takes so much of it to finally fill us up because it’s all empty unprofitable food. To borrow from some advertisement, junk food is great taste/less filling. I’m not telling you to eat salad all day, because even that can be a big mistake if it’s too hearty of a salad you could eat an entire days worth of food.

2.   Get smaller plates. I know, you’ve heard it before. But the plates, even the bowls we use are huge. They are family sized/buffet sit down platters not plates. So we try to fill the plate. Use a salad sized plate. When you fill that plate, you’ll see that it’s enough food. And make sure you are filling your plate with the right portions

3.  Accountability!  Accountability! DID YOU WORKOUT TODAY, LET’S GO WALK, DID YOU EAT BREAKFAST, STOP TALKING LIKE THAT…these are the words you want to hear from your accountability person. If whoever you have chosen to hold you accountable helps you create opportunities of rationalization, change your person. You are worth more than that! Here’s the thing you don’t need someone who will decorate your ditch when you fall it and Lord knows you don’t need them to push you in.  We all have those friends who when things are going bad they say “Girl what you need to do is” or “Girl if I was you”…but guess what, they aren’t ever anywhere to be found when you need someone to say “GREAT JOB”…an accountability person will not only congradulate your small victories, they will help you find the growth opportunity in those areas you swear are defeat and when the greatest accomplishments arrive they are right there telling you ” I knew you had it in you the whole time”.

I hope these simple tips help you out. Remember everything you do now reaps a harvest later. Your words are seeds, what you eat are seeds, the things you listen to are seeds, the people you hang around are planting seeds…Harvest season is coming, what will you reap?