Holiday Body: leaving, entering & happy new rears

How you leave is how you enter.  -Edwin Louis Cole “Never Quit”


2010 is almost over. Seems like we were just trying to figure out if we would say twenty-ten or two thousand ten, heck, scratch it cuzz the deuces are comin’ in. Yeah, that sounded so much cooler in my head.

Anyway, while we’re bringing this year to a close, we gotta remember that the way we leave it  is the way we go into the next year. Any unfinished business, or bags we carry out, will absolutely meet us at the door next year.

I remember Denise Austin use to chant “squats are awesome, they shape up your toosh. don’t you want a tight toosh? it’s the last thing to leave the room and you wanna make a lasting impression.” LOL Gotta love Denise and her ‘isms. I survived 3 C-Sections and no post-baby pooch following her cheerleader motivation.  One day I’d love to thank her for playing a part in me becoming a fitness instructor. (cue the violins)

Anyway back to the leaving stuff. So I’ve got this group of friends who decided we can’t and won’t allow the holidays to EVER wreak havoc on our bodies. Sure we’ll enjoy a slice or two or whatever, of some kind of deliciousness but we shouldn’t and wouldn’t do it at the cost of being uncomfortable in our own skin let alone our favorite jeans.

I mean really, when the “I feel like crap today” jeans are too tight, somewhere the sneak monster snuck ya. (he’s the one who shows up the day you gotta put on that little black dress and you do the side-ways model pose and see this thing popped out where your hard work at the gym was starting to pay off) Yep, he sneeked in.

For the past few years we’ve done this Holiday Body Challenge where we hold each other accountable from October 31-December 24. Initially we would meet up at a local trail and hit the pavement bright and early. Then it progressed into many of my friends coming to my FitCAMP classes, then a few purchased my FITCLUB DVD. Last year, we went viral and totally became a holiday fave with the 12 Days of Fitness challenge I hosted on facebook! 

So we’re back at it. Only this year we’ve added a few other elements. Knowing that being healthy doesn’t just mean physically and nutritionally, I really try to focus on the spiritual, financial and relational aspect as well. Life is very short. I think during the holidays we begin to recognize just how many of our loved ones we no longer have with us. And we start to value simple things like time, laughter, friends, and a nostalgic Christmas tune. 

This year, the Holiday Body Challenge includes all 5 arenas (spirit, soul, body, finances and relationships). Every 1st of the year my husband and I embark on a 21 day spiritual journey of reconnecting with God. So by December we’re starting to reflect on the things we promised God, the lessons we’ve learned and the humbling moments when we finally recognize His grace.

This holiday season I plan to leave the junk (ehem even that which invades my trunk) where it is. Deal with and face the scary places, and hidden things that my heart would rather just say ‘not now’.  Everyday I’m posting a challenge for me and my girls and all my bloggin friends to stay fit (spirit, soul and body).  My confession: I LOOOOOOVE dressing, like cornbread sage dressing. Well, let’s just say it sneaked up on me and yeah, my junk ain’t so happy right now.

We’re doin’ all kinds of lunges, burpees, walkin’,joggin’ jump-jackin’ so we can stay fit this holiday season, leave this year behind (haha) and step into next year with a new ambition and a jump start.

When we were in college, my best friend often referred to her legs as boots. She’s 6ft tall by the way, so yes, she had one pair of boots. Me and my stubby thickens just worked what my mama gave me and hit the gym as often as I could. I’m kinda cool with mah boots but even still, gotta keep them fit cuz these boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do…don’t worry they ain’t gonna walk all over you. But hey, since we’re here…start walkin’

Here’s your happy new rear,

Thursday Mission workout:

30 second intervals of each exercise 4x

Burpees (google it-you’ll love to hate them)

Push ups (yes the real kind)

Alternating lunges


full body crunch (basic crunch/reverse crunch/double full body crunch)

rest (30 seconds)


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