Holiday Body: Hunger vs Appetite (yes again!)

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Ok, so yes we have already discussed this. But I MEAN…gggrrrrr could we be any more deceived especially this time of year.  I mean what the… I have been craving stuff I NEVER crave. 

Like the other day, I totally forgot to eat breakfast. (Right, that’s an absolute no-no, don’t you ever do that.  forgive me.)

So, in my fit of hunger pains I searched for the closest thing resembling food. Low and behold, a glowing glaze of honey bun. The sound of it makes my stomach hurt. Ya’ll I hadn’t had one of those things since highschool, when they cost 25¢ and I had the metabolism of a track star. Well, there I was staring down this golden delight and before I knew it, it was gone, no kidding in like 3 bites. At that point I knew I was starving.  Cuz I couldn’t even remember opening the package.

I went on with my day with a slight feeling of accomplishment and success because the hunger pains would leave me alone and I would be cool til lunch time. NO SO MUCH.

Ya’ll! I started craving more. I’m serious, it was like all the honey bun taste buds awoke from their 20 yr slumber and were doin’ the runnin’ man on my tongue. They were amped and I had to have more. So I caved. I had another one. OMG the guilt that riddled me through out the day was horrendous.

Remember those episodes of bugs bunny when the angel and devil would sit on Elmer Fuds shoulders trying to convince him what he should do. “OH no, what have I done now, I was wong to do dat, I was hungwy and now, how I weaaly feel wong. Oh can I evah fow-give myself? Pwobabwy not”

That’s what happens. When appetite takes over hunger we give into the craving and the guilt takes over. Now, sure I should have eaten breakfast and that might have never happened. But what about those moments when you are doing exactly what you should be doing, eating healthy, keeping gossip to yourself or shutting down the conversation, exercising regularly, moderating the spending? What about when you’ve managed to maintain and then one day, you see these “must have” shoes in some style magazine as the shoe of the season, then you get a coupon from DSW saying they’ve missed you and if you come in today online they’ll also give you a free purse. Then what? Then does your appetite kick in or are you really hungry?

What about the day your BFF calls you and wants to chat and she starts asking you about so-and-so and if you heard about her recent mishaps, and you guys begin to recall all of her other mishaps, and one conversation leads to another and before you know it you’ve been discussing everybody’s business. Then what? Hungry?

See, Self-deception has a way of sitting rationalization on one shoulder and conviction on the other. When we fail to feed ourselves the right kind of “food”, the kind that sustains us, then we start having pains and cravings because we aren’t  satisfied. And Lord forbid we indulge when it becomes dire straights, cuz the flood gates will open and here comes that little red devil perched so honorably on your earlobe whispering sweet (oh sweet honey buns, just one won’t hurt) sweet (but it’s on sale) sweet (gurl, did you hear about …let’s pray for her) sweet NOTHINGS. NOTHING because they aren’t going to satisfy you, they are only going to increase your appetite.

If you’ve been feeding an appetite, you have to get to a place where you recognize that you aren’t hungry. Begin to reevaluate the “why” of the hunger pains. Emotional eating is often a disguise hidden behind the reality of self deception. Even if the deception is that we’ll  be much better if & when. If & When are NEVER your friend. The bible consistently repeats the phrase NOW because God wants us to recognize the urgency behind our identity, our faith, His promises.

NOW FAITH…, NOW TO HIM who is able…, Sanctify yourselves. (NOW) Tomorrow God will work miracle-wonders among you.”(simply means do it now, don’t wait, because God has a plan for you).

If you’ve convinced yourself that you just don’t have the time, discipline or resources to eat well, live well and exercise consistently I repeat…don’t fool yourself. There’s an APP for that!

Eating Well has an awesome “Health in a Hurry” App for your phone. Spark People has an awesome free source. What the heck man…All the stuff that I’m giving you? What am I chopped liver. Don’t be so concerned with the end result that you fail to recognize even the value of the fact that you are reading this. It’s a seed planted into your life to make your life better.

It’s not the one who plants or waters who’s at the center of the process, it’s God. Let Him take the time to allow you to grow. Every effort you plant toward living a healthy, whole life will without a doubt be watered by someone who comes into your life to make sure you are growing (with God’s help).

Now, because we talked so much about sweetness…here is a workout that is oh so sweet, and this one won’t leave you trying to feed an appetite, but it might make you hungry. 🙂 smile I luvs ya.

Squat to overhead press

Mountain climbers

Bent over row

Side to side lunges

Push up/plank hold

Never forget that long term victory happens one day at a time -Beth Moore

now keep movin’