Holiday Body: Discipline










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Sounds like the perfect Mission statement right? Well, as I’ve said before, how you leave this year is how you’ll enter the next. So what’s it gonna take to finish this year strong? DISCIPLINE.

Your Holiday Body Challenge week 6 key is Discipline-your defense against all excess this holiday.

Planning your week should have 3 key elements:  faith,  food and fitness; proper portions of all 3 will keep you fit!

Discipline can seem like a pretty scary word when you attach it to something that you’d rather not do.

Discipline as a means of bringing order or obedience is a little intimidating.

Discipline as an end is even more unnerving.

But really, if you think about it, discipline isn’t the problem at all. We’re all disciplined at something, right?  We all have a way of bringing ourselves into subjection to achieve an end result and if we don’t we proceed with whatever the necessary consequences might be.

Consider the matter of exercise and nutrition, we are all disciplined in this area, on some level. Quite often I hear the words “I’m just not that disciplined”.  But isn’t it safe to  say that you use discipline to refuse to exercise or eat healthier? It takes a very strong-willed person to say NO…NO I will not eat that, NO I will not think that, NO I will not continue to do those things…NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY.  Or as I had one person explain to me “my mind ain’t told my mouth to like turkey yet, I’m stuck on the pig”.  Case dismissed.

Our words have so much power! Whatever we are going to do with our lives starts with the way we think which translates into our words and our actions. We all have the potential to be healthier, more active, more productive, more creative, more content with our everyday lives, but most of us don’t even believe we can so we aren’t.  Discipline starts with recognizing your potential.

“Experience, emotions, ideas, wood, salt, land, talent, beauty, brains have one thing in common: POTENTIAL. The exchange of breathing develops the potential of your lungs to continue to give you life. So does the process of the blood pumping through your body to every cell in it, taking in food and carrying away waste. Exchange is the process of life.” (Edwin Louis Cole, Power of Potential)

The discipline you see in your life right now is a direct result of the potential you recognize on the inside of you. One of the primary elements of inneractive FITCLUB is to help you recognize your potential (inner) and support the exchange of that recognition for growth & success (active). Once we accomplish that, we keep movin’.  

Something isn’t made from nothing-it is made from things that are not seen. Everyone knows that the true value of anything is internal, not externaal…Faith and fear both attract. Faith is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass.  Fear is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass. Faith attracts the positive; fear attracts the negative.” (Edwin Louis Cole, Power of Potential; Your Life Has Potential)

Dr. Cole goes on to explain that people with poor self-image tend to suffer far greater abuse and misuse than those who have a poor self-image.  Cole offers the following keys toward recognizing that YOUR life has potential:

    • Don’t limit God
    • Let God develop your potential
    • Begin with what you have
    • Identify with God and what God says
    • Be strong in faith
    • Renew the spirit of your mind with God’s Word.

And finally, he offers this simple declaration, repeat out loud and let this be your guide for disciplining your life and finding your potential.

I am who God says I am, I have what God says I have and I can do what God says I can do, because God’s grace is sufficient in my life.

 -so there you have it. Yes you ARE disciplined! What are you gonna do to redirect your discipline and fulfill your potential?