God Bless us every one

Last night my daughter was working on her student council project, Christmas cards for the Senior residence home in our town. After decorating each card with snowmen, snowflakes, trees and festive decor she asked me what she should write on the inside.  I told she should say exactly what she wanted the card to say about Christmas.  I reminded her of last Christmas when we went to visit Grandma and all the visitors she had, all the nice cards people brought to her and how special she felt that day. 

A few moments later she brought the cards to me and I began to cry. My daughter is 8.

The words she wrote in the card said  “For unto us a child is born. They will call Him Christ the King. May Christmas and New Year bring you happiness. Merry Christmas from the student council”

WOW! Did I create this little woman? Is this what I have done each Christmas? Could an 8 year old really grasp the true meaning of Christmas and explain it from her heart?


For Christmas this year, from my family to yours I pray you would understand WHY Christmas is here. Why we celebrate, why we go beyond the manger and praise the risen king. Christmas is a promise of a fulfilled plan.

God Bless us every one!