re-solve; go forward

 You make all things new and I will follow you forward.

All excuses aside, God’s still giving me another chance.

Lord only knows the number of resolutions that went un-resolved this year. Regardless, how awesome is it that He gives us a second chance.

I think it was the gospel artist Israel Houghton who said “He’s the God of fifty-leven chances”.

Again, and again, and again, He gives us second-second chances.

I can’t even begin to count the number of things I said I was gonna, shoulda, woulda and coulda checked off my resolution & to-do lists in the past. And yet, He doesn’t even keep a record of the stupid/silly (knowingly or unknowingly) mistakes that I made, He simply recognizes when my heart says I don’t want to do it again and I need His help and a major do-over.

So I started thinking about the fact that every year we get a chance to do-over. To re-set, recharge, resolve. Well actually every day we get a chance but most people tend to take advantage of it at the new year and do a complete do-over-haul. Speaking of which today my husband got the brilliant idea to go through his ‘honey-do’ list all in one day, part of which included de-cluttering the house. So likely, that meant I had to re-arrange my day to follow him around and make sure his idea of clutter wasn’t my idea of organized chaos. LOL

I kidd. We’re both on the same page to de-cluttter, re-organize, de-bunk, re-evaluate and re-anything/everything that’s re-quired (i know that’s not  a word) stay with me here; we’re basically takin’ inventory and gettin’ rid of everything that isn’t supporting the plan God has for us. So back to my word play.

resolution: I looked up the word to see what it really means and what would happen if there were no ‘re’.

  1. (def) formal expression of an opinion or an intention made. (a resolve or determination)
    1. resolve: to convert or transform by any process; deal with
    2. (in context of optics/vision): to separate & make visible the individual parts of an image
  2. additionally: to be reduced or changed by breaking up; firmness of purpose or intent; determination.

(re) as a prefix: to go back, in the sense of again and again.

So what does all of this literary jargon translate to? I’m going to work backwards. Look at the word RE –to go back again and again SOLVE –convert or transform by any process; to separate and make visible the individual parts of an image.

Knowing that God is the God of second chances, I can’t help but consider that His original plan was to handle all of the SOLUTIONS in our lives but we decide to get in there and think we know what we’re doin so He has to come back around again and again to RE-us. REstore, REnew, REbuild, REsolve, REshape, RE-(fill in the blank). 

This year for our January challenge  we’ve decided to deal with the stuff that causes us to keep going back.  I challenge you not to make a resolution list of unattainable lofty goals filled with attaboy and accolades, they should be focus points in each area of our lives (spirit, soul, body, finances, relationships) where God can define the firmness of purpose or intent He has planned for each of our lives (reference definition 1B). Even our mistakes can be used as His opportunity to separate us from what we thought was right/good & make visible (show us what we couldn’t even see in ourselves) the individual unique parts of an image (our reflection).(reference definition)

Whatever your plans are to count down and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR, wondering what the next year will bring and whether or not we’ll all say twenty-eleven or two thousand eleven; I’m just gonna let God get His RE on,  and declare my past is over, all things are made new and I’m movin’ forward. I pray you’ll follow, not me but Him!

 ♥-Keep movin’,