Learning exercise from knitting (via fitknitchick)

I so admire anyone who can take a blank canvas and create anything pleasing to the eye. And for this ‘chick’ (no worries-she calls herself that), she’s taken what looks like a ball of thread and weaved a blanket of discipline! Kudos to you & I think there should be a sistah-hood of like-minded folks who find fitness in everything! Welcome to the family!

All I need to know about exercise I learned from knitting I have two great passions in my life (besides my husband, and sometimes, my children); fitness and knitting. At first glance, they seem to be rather incompatible past times. One involves vigorous whole body movement, the other sitting on the couch, barely flicking one's fingers for hours at a time. There are special clothes for exercise. Not so much for knitting. You can knit and drink a glass of wine and watch TV simultaneously. No wine at the g … Read More

via fitknitchick