No diets! No kidding…

Mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends…

THIS IS THE STUFF THAT DRIVES US CRAZY…BUT RIGHT THERE IN OUR LITTLE MESS, We’re gonna learned just how big we’re blessed!

YUP this celebration is for you!

The entire month of May we’re celebrating the STUFF that makes us who we are!

31 Days of celebrating our life, our beauty, our faith, our hopes, our dreams, our desires, our shape, our purpose…

oh yeah, and the STUFF that somehow rubs us like sandpaper but hey, it’s actually warm sugar scrub exfoliating us which leaves a smooth, manageable, younger-looking!

So since our schedules are too crazy to actually plan a Girls Night Out, I’m hosting a virtual GNO at my place “aka” MY BLOG

31 Days to a Younger, healthier, more blessed, more energetic, more satisfied YOU. Who wouldn’t want that!

Just in time for Mother’s Day!

So invite your mom or any mom you know to join us!

I’ll be using this book during the challenge, follow along or grab a copy of your own!

Here’s to you and your STUFF!

Don’t forget to join the group so you’ll know who else got stuff & why they manage to walk around smilin’


Would you like to look and feel ten years younger?

Do you want to be rejuvenated from the inside out?

Do you long to be happier and healthier?

If you want to have less stress and more fun, you will love Arlene’s book, 31 Days to a Younger You: No surgery. No diets. No kidding. (Harvest House Publishers)

Created for today’s busy woman, you will find 31 daily readings to refresh your spirit, improve your appearance, and brighten your outlook on life. Each day ends with a personal Rx to make you more beautiful than ever.

You will find anti-aging advice no one else is talking about!

The monthly challenges are always an attempt to find ways to improve who we are.  Not that we’re dissatisfied with ourselves, rather, we could all be better. I HATE diets. There I said it. I really do hate diets because so many people have sacrificed every fiber of their existence to the promise on a package only to find themselves back at square one OR out of a ton of money & commitment still trying to make sense of it all.

The gripe I have with diets is that we can’t find what seems to be missing in our lives so we wind-up unbalanced and more often then not it’s our bodies that suffer.

In the name of ‘makin’ it make sense’ I heard an interview with th  came across this book and while my hidden confession is “I wish I had thought of that”, I covet not and instead celebrate the value of this message, the wit of this woman, and the sistah-hood of women who aren’t ashamed to say they wear spanx.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the book

Read an excerpt of the book