31 Days: What Joy!?!

31 Days celebrating the “stuff”!

It’s Day 3 and so far this challenge has presented TONS of opportunity to recognize the stuff.

I love the way God gives you EXACTLY what you agree to.

I asked God to show me the “stuff” and boy has he opened my eyes.

While I’m recognizing the stuff that He’s using I’m recognizing the stuff I’m abusing or should I say taking for granted. Like Joy. It’s such a simple thing but so overlooked.  My youngest son has so much joy in him. He laughs from his belly every time he laughs. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but he even told me that he laughs because it just feels good. WOW what a concept.  When he was just a toddler we’d be in the grocery store and folks would follow the sound of his laughs just to see what little person was attached to such contagious joy.  He still has this joy. It’s precious. It’s priceless. It’s amazing to watch him because his entire body expresses the joy he has. You see it in his face, his eyes, the way he walks, the way he articulates every syllable, the way he dances even the way he writes. He’s happy and you know it!

Anyway. Speakin’ of lookin’ like you’re happy & you know i,t the other day someone stopped me and paid me a tremendous compliment.

She literally said “WOW you look radiant” I was caught off guard and speechless.

She immediately asked if I had lost weight or did something different. Although I had changed my hair, I hadn’t done anything else and in fact I had just checked the scale and was still ridin’ strong (at peace might I add) with the same pesky 10 pounds.

I thanked her and kept movin’. Then it dawned on me.

THE 31 DAYS!  I launched out to find the “stuff” that was drivin’ me crazy BUT that was the stuff God was using to transform me. And there right before my eyes He was already puttin’ it to work.  I had made a choice to rejoice. A choice to find the joy. A choice to get glad.

In the book 31 Days To A Younger You, Day 2 talks about finding your Joy Factor.

When you boil it down, looking young is about looking healthy and happy. But wait a minute. Isn’t happiness an emotion you feel only when things go your way? Isn’t a happy life something out of your control, reserved only for the lucky ones who get the best breaks? 

The Bible says it this way in Habakkuk 3:18, “I will be joyful in God my Savior.” Living with joy and happiness is a choice, an act of one’s will rather than a haphazard emotion. 

 The author goes on to say “Happiness is not only an active choice of the will; it’s a commandment for the Christian. We’re instructed to be joyful always.

Stress literally weighs you down. Did you know it takes more muscles to hold onto a scowl than it does to smile? And they aren’t being used in a good way, these leave wrinkle lines on your forehead. AND not to mention the stress releases a hormone into your belly that makes it pooch out.  Who wants that?

Who knew being joyful was a quick facelift and belly flattener?

Este’ Lord-er did!

Hahahahaha Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

My son makes me smile. He’s tiny. Probably the shortest kid in his class but with the biggest personality and smile you would ever find. He makes every effort to be joyful ALWAYS and it’s contagious.

I’m finding more ways to work this joy cuz it’s workin’ in my favor, it’s makin’ me look healthier and feel GREAT!

What’s one thing you can do today to exude more joy in your life?

7 Foods To Boost Your Mood – from 31 Days to Younger You (Day 2)

Oatmeal – packed with soluble fiber to lower blood sugar levels and reduce irritability

Whole-Grain Bread– contains wide variety of the amino acids needed to keep your mood upbeat. 

Salmon – Has omega-3 fatty acids that are used by the brain to produce neurotransmitters to stave off depression and repair brain cells needed to boost mood.

Chicken – high level of tyrosine, an amino acid that helps elevate levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemicals are involved in the reaction time of your body, the motivation you feel and possibly depression. 

Leafy Greens – excellent source of folic acid, a lack of which has been linked to depressed moods. 

Milk – great feel-good drink because calcium can help reduce your levels of stress and anxiety and it contains tryptophan that helps your body produce serotonin, which elevates mood. 

Bananas – also contain tryptophan, plus they’re packed with potassium and vitamin B6 to regulate blood sugar and stabilize mood. 


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  1. This entire post sounds JUST LIKE YOU lol! Thanks for being and remaining who you are in Christ

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