31 days: Day 6 If Not Now, When?

Driving home last night I decided to show my husband a short cut I had found. Mid-way through the route he said “there’s no way this is shorter”.

He’s convinced that all of my ’round-about’ directions are too complicated because there are so many turns.

I explained to him that anytime you are going somewhere but you’re not sure where each turn is taking you because you’ve never been that route, the final destination will seem much further away. Once you know the route you realize it was actually much quicker than the ‘well known, though longer, route’.


Isn’t that what God’s been tryin’ to tell us?

Whether you’re on a diet route, a life mistake detour or a profound deliverance journey the road less traveled always seems longer. But God knows the final destination. He’s kinda like our own GPS system that won’t lose a signal and start recalculating 100 miles into the commute. The bible tells us that there is a way that SEEMS right, but the end of that route is distruction. There’s another passage that says the easy commute (path) is wide and the disciplined route is narrow and not too many people get through it because of impatience, unfamiliarity and random junk that tries to convince us that there’s no way this route is the ‘short cut’.

Using the term short cut loosely I challenge you to consider the ‘options’ that have come across your mind’s eye lately regarding eating healthier, relationships that have drained you, rediculous  financial decisions…God knows the plans He has for you and do you really think He would take you down a road that was a dead end? Just ride. He’s takin’ you somewhere!

keep your heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’



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