Day 18: Making sense of eating healthy

There’s been a common theme running across my mind lately and I know it’s because I’ve truly prayed and asked God to help me make it all make sense, as it relates to eating well.

I too get frustrated, I have moments when nothing but chocolate will do and then I go through the guilt of feeling like I’ve failed myself.  I get folks asking me how to get their kids to eat healthy. One client even said she’d like to spend a week at my house and see how we really eat. My babysitter said I was “just wrong” because my idea of a snack was apples or cheese-itz. At any rate, I try what works, and stick with it. FOR MY FAMILY. And while each family is different there MUST be some things that work on a general basis that I could share with the world and one meal at a time help parents end this epidemic of obesity.

So that desire began to swell in my heart to the point that it started burning and this sudden obligation to get in the fight against childhood obesity rose up in me and I prayed even harder!

PRAISE GOD He answered my prayers!

I had the AWESOME opportunity to listen in on a webinar sponsored by the Dairy Council of California and Meals Matter called “Eat, Play, Love: Raising Healthy Eaters”.

The basis of the webinar ?…

As parents, we all want to give our children every advantage in life. Eat, Play, Love is an approach created by registered dietitians who are moms themselves that describes the fundamentals behind raising healthy eaters. Hosted by Dairy Council of California, this free webinar addresses the practical, actionable steps that parents and caretakers can use to approach mealtime and your child’s eating behaviors with a positive attitude.

And my takeaway?…

simple meals matter, it’s about spending time with my family nurturing healthy food perceptions & let go of meal perfection!

Make’s sense to me! Enjoy and PLEASE pass this on to every parent you think could benefit from this!!!

-keep movin