Day 10: “FitFluential Ambassador 11”

 am~bas~sa~dor – (n)

1. A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary).
2. An authorized messenger or representative

Ok. So here we are. Last time we chatted I challenged you to take the next 10 days and map out your plan for renovating your life.  Allow me to jog your memory.

We’ve decided this renovation includes your spirit. your soul. your body. your finances.  or your relationships. AND we have the liberty to post our signs “CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS”!

You got 10 days…what’s your plan?

Well while thinkin’, here’s my 10 day plan.

I’m submitting my application to be the next FitFluential Ambassador.   

Don’t forget, we’re on day 22 of the 31 days so I’m still celebrating the “STUFF” that makes me who I am.  This IS who I am. And why I would make a FANTASTIC ambassador. Cuz see, I got stuff, but it don’t stop me from gettin’ better at livin’ life and inspiring other moms how to live it as well. And that’s what a FitFluential Ambassador is made of! What is FitFluential you ask? 

 FitFluential Inc. connects brands and influencers who share a passion for fitness. We are a network of the best when it comes to fitness bloggers and those who can inspire and guide them. People with a passion. People with a voice. People like ME!

FitFluential Ambassador 2011

About me & all my influencing:

(official boilerplate) inneractive FITCLUB was created on the premise that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of a strong body and an even stronger inner core.

translation…we get hearts pumpin’ & spirits movin’

Where do I inspire fitness? 

On cruises…

in the studio

in the community

at health fairs

in the kitchen

in the family

And what keeps me movin’?

– gettin’ hearts pumpin’

– and spirits movin’

So what’s your 10 day plan?

Whatever it is, make sure to keep movin’