2 Week: U8 – Lean & Clean

I am a certified PiYo Instructor!!!! Y’all! Anybody that’s ever been in one of my classes knows that I’m a junky for pushups, burbees, and sweatin’ buckets aka FULL THROTTLE ADRENALINE! Watch the video on the front page THIS is what we did!

But Oh MY GOSH!!!!!

You know Chalene Johnson? As in Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, Turbo Fire??? So yeah, she created a mind-body class for us cardio crazy folks called PiYo! PiYo will kick your tail. PiYo will burn the heck out of your core. PiYo will make your legs wish they’d never decided to stop movin’.  PiYo is my workout for this summer! Why cuz, it’s gonna lean me out and clean me out! I’m tellin’ you THIS class is the real deal. No discount to anything else I’ve ever recommended but THIS … anyway.

So I’ll be launching this class at my studio in July so I’ve gotta practice all the moves so I thought I’d try a few out on you for this weeks challenge. Now before you run like a bat outta you know where I promise to give you the beginner moves. I just want you to see how good it is.

Now that we’re in the home second week of this challenge, you should have noticed where some of your pitfalls are. I’m hoping you’ve stuck to your guns and cleaned up your act. IF NOT…His Grace is sufficient for the day.

So let’s just get right to it.


-it really is calories in calories out but if you are only driving your car and never refueling, eventually that car is gonna shut down and need major repair. This week is like getting an oil change, tune up and gettin’ all of the fluids flushed and refilled. Might even rotate a few tires!

  • Squat with a reach: Complete a full squat as you stand up bring both arms straight up to the ceiling and reach up as you lower down into the squat sweep your hands down at your sides as if you are touching the floor, repeat 8x
  • BACK LUNGE: (from the squat) Step your right foot straight back pushing the heel down onto the floor. Bend the left knee as you lower your body down into a runners lunge position (***place both hands on the thigh of your left leg to support your body) BEGINNERS DON’T STEP BACK AS FAR. return to your starting position, repeat on the left for a total of 8 each leg
  • Plie Squat Press: Stand with feet wider than shoulder width, toes turned out making sure when you squat that your knee stays over the ankle NEVER over your toes. Bend your knees and lower your hips toward the floor in a squat position as you lower down bring your arms out to you sides and raise them up like goal post arms [ | ] as you stand up push up toward the ceiling (repeat 8-10x)
  • Single knee raises-stand with feet shoulder width apart, tap back with one foot slowly bring it forward and bring your knee toward your chest lower the foot repeat on the other side.
  • Bicycle crunches (self explanatory)
  • Basic crunch
Nutrition Challenge

CLEAN MEAL PLANS it’s chocked-full of ideas, clean meal options and all kinds of goodness.



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