Summer Love-IN: welcome summer!

happy summer y’all!

Can you believe it, even after nearly 30 days of sweltering heat it’s now officially summer!

I was blog hoping a few days ago, searching for some inspiration and stumbled across a few fellow bloggers sites, one really stuck out. It was the most precious post, simple and sweet. She simple stated that this summer her plans were to be more aware of her children. To be IN the moment.

There it is.

That’s what we’re planning.  To be IN!

I’ve been doin’ a ton of reflecting and that last 31 Day Challenge I did helped me with the idea of anticipation and expectation. Appreciation and communication. Acceptance and recycling. Joy and Simplicity. Today, I was refreshed by the message of not being afraid of the BIG-ness of success. Still wrapping my head around that! So now it’s all about in. Summer Love-in.

Anyway, what are we gonna be in-to this summer?

My oldest will be approaching his senior year of High School. (OMGosh if you knew the victory dance I did on getting his final grades). I’m all IN his baby books reminiscing how precious he was and still is. (uggg don’t want him to leave home-I do, but you know what I mean)

Middle child finish-in’ his last year of elementary school. (NOT liking where this is going, he’s too sweet to be influenced by some of those kids) Gotta find his ‘IN’ crowd.

Baby girl, well she’s no longer a baby. (turned 9 a few weeks ago) She’s all “Mauwhm” and she’s all giggly, gurly not so punky brewster tree climb-IN.

So this is perfect for me. I’m IN.

To grab this summer by the sweaty horns and ride IN. We caught a glimpse of the sun set tonight at 8:50 it was awesome it was so late in the evening yet it was perfectly set across the horizontal skyline. It was our reminder that summer was here.

I guess we’ll catch lightening bugs. I use to LOVE that!

Maybe lay in the grass. I gasp…but I will try

Or run through the sprinklers. on purpose!

Go pick strawberries. The heat index says we should do it before noon cuz it gets hot quick!

It’s officially summer.

So far this has been a summer sans VBS (forgive me Lord), zilch summer camps (forgive me kids) and may have to nix our annual Orlando trip (not sure about the forgiveness factor here).

My Summer workouts are kid friendly; translation – “you guys wanna go run through the sprinklers while I workout outside”?

My Summer nutrition is kid friendly; simple, quick, one handed, one pot, or on a grill.

My girls nights out are kid friendly; get all the families together for a potluck/bbq guys downstairs, kids outside moms in the kitchen.

Summer’s IN. and I’m love-in it!

Get SUMmer motivation

-keep movin’