Summer Lovn: Salad Challenge

Independence Day
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It’s a long 3 day weekend celebrating the 4th of July and thinkin’ about all those BBQ’s got me to thinkin’, keepin’ you fit for the summer means keepin’ those cravings under control but NEVER sacrificing great food!!!

I know it’s been ridiculously hot and I despise being in the kitchen standing over anybody’s stove when it’s hot & humid. Before summer even rolled around, I started stocking my pantry with simple multi-grain pastas & brown rice and keep the fridge & freezer ready with fruits & veggies to pair with summer salads.

I’ve been on the hunt for those salad recipes that seem exciting from the photo and make you actually want to try it. So I stumbled upon a Fannetastic Food, a goldmine of a website with recipes and inspiration to kick off this summer’s challenge. She totally inspired this challenge so I won’t dare take that credit.  If your day’s meal plan includes food courts and restaurant menus this Healthy Dining Finder tool will be a great resource on this challenge.

Here’s how the Summer Lovn Challenge will work:

  • at least 30 minutes a day of cardio/strength training/core toning & stretching
  • Drink plenty of water (half your body weight in ounces) if you MUST have some type of beverage I’d suggest going for a zero calorie something or other (my personal fave is Coke Zero- I’m sure I’ll get flack for that but hey it’s my little moderation treat)
  • A salad a day for the entire month – Post a photo, share the recipe, include nutritional information if you can ( will give you that)
  • Celebrate your independence and recognize your dependence: Join me for the weekly twitter chat for #FaithfulAbundantTrue summer study @inneractivefit & @igochurch . I mean if we’re kickin’ off the month celebrating independence we might as well know why we should be independent of some things and dependent on others.

Well, here’s a recipe and a video to get you started! Happy Summer Eatin’

The “Lean Green Protein” salad quick and easy, using primarily ready-to-use ingredients except the dressing.
* pre-washed baby spinach & spring mix
* coarsely shredded skim milk mozzarella
* sliced hard boiled eggs
* sliced fresh strawberries
* plain roasted chicken breast, heated, sliced
* honey-lime-ginger dressing (honey, fresh lime juice, grated/minced ginger)
* optional (for crunch!) sliced almonds or crushed pecans



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