Humidity Forecast: Curly with a chance of frizz


So after spending a humid weekend in New Orleans, I can honestly say that Shea Moisture came to my rescue! Life imitating art perhaps?

So in addition to the Summer Salad challenge, If you are looking to start your journey on being healthy inside and out, then join TruCHATonlineand inneractive FITCLUB on our two month Head to Toe Be*YOU*tiful Challenge sponsored by Shea Moisture.

In our quest for healthy hair we sometimes forget that in order for our hair to be completely healthy we need to start from within.  Some people even avoid working out because of the damage they think it does to their hair or because they don’t want to ruin that cute hairstyle.  Over the next 2 months we are going to get Head To Toe Be*YOU*tiful!

Ready to get head to to Be*you*tiful? Let’s go get yo’ hair did at TruFITCLUB salon!