Wonders of digging deeper

My Lord! What a wonderful wonder you are!

Yesterday was my birthday! I’ve arrived.

Well, at least I have arrived at that year I dreamed about on the day I discovered I was expecting my first child. I can still remember doing the calculations and realized that by the time he reached his senior year I should still have “It”.

Mind you, in all of my ‘college-esque’ naivety, I had no idea what “IT” really was. I was just certain that I would do my absolute best to have whatever “IT” was.

So on Wednesday August 3, 2011, I think I came as close to my first recognition of whether or not IT was all IT was hoped to be. IT revealed itself as an opportunity to find more of it. Not in a selfish gimmie more greed.

But a hunger.

An anticipation of WOW this IS IT and IT’s just the beginning. I’m brimming with excitement and joy and fulfillment and expectation, that there’s more!

There’s so much more. There’s so much more than I can even imagine.

Had I known this back on that day when things looked so glim, so uncertain, so “how am I suppose to do THIS”;  I would have pressed even harder and made my stride a little longer.

But oh, well, what’s the saying. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t promised, all we have is today! Today I have what God has given me and IT IS GOOD!

Today I have so much more of Christ in my life I could scream with excitement. I could yell that famous little league cheer…A-W-E…S-O-M-E UR awesome, UR awesome…TOTALLY!

Ok. just go there with me why don’t you! God’s just that awesome because He does so much more when we let Him. Last night in our Women’s bible study Faithful Abundant True, we learned that God can is ABLE to do way beyond our way beyond. WHO DOES THAT?

Bible study teacher Priscilla Shirer chimed:

Look to the woman on your left or right and tell her, “Girl you are not God” and then she said “Now tell her ‘and I’m glad you’re not“.

Can’t you just be glad to that statement. We’re not God. Wipe a brow, cuz Lord knows I couldn’t handle some of my own nagging complaints and requests and flakiness let alone the weight of all the other promises and problems of the entire world. Yet still. In all of His ABLE-ness He does it. And NEVER runs out of know how or willingness. She said, it’s not our business to wonder if He will or how He will, just believe THAT He will.

So that’s IT. That’s what I was hoping I’d have. IT. IT is simply what God has positioned me to have at this juncture in my life. Woot Woot! (*smile*) IT…so much more than expected, so much less than He REALLY is waiting to give me…so IT is beyond my way beyond imagination. I heard one of the small group giving their “on 3” power press chant as they left the study last night and I smile. “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND”

L-O-O-O-V-E-I-T!!!! And so befitting considering my son LOVED Buzz Light Year and would scamper around the house thinking He was Buzz in the flesh!

So that’s IT.

There’s your strength training, core training, cardio, weight loss, and stretching workout all in one. BELIEVING HE IS ABLE…the NEW total body workout!

-Keep movin’



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  1. Well said and well received ! He is awesome and I am sooooo glad I am ” not God” but that I am “God’s” He ownes and possesses my life! It is in Him I move , In Him I live and in Him I have my being…Amen!

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