Say a prayer for me NOW

You ever had a conversation with someone and it goes something like…”say a pray for me” and the response is “absolutely, I will pray for you”. And then nothing?

What stops us from praying for them right then and there? Who knows, intimidation, overlooked opportunity, random small talk, reverted topic?  Whatever the case, I think it’s time we started doing things NOW cuz how can we expect results from something that hasn’t happened yet. I’m just sayin’…

Exactly half of the year is NOW over. What will you do RIGHT NOW to see to it that you get the results in your life you were hoping for? Did you know God says He KNOWS the plans He has for you? Did you know that you can actually have an inside scoop on those plans?

List 10 things you will do NOW to get closer to those plans before 2012 begins. I’ll get you started…

-keep movin (should be one of them)