Stayin’ in my lane – (repost)

“Stay in your lane” – where ever God has you, whatever gift/talent He has given you, whatever journey or road He has taken you on, whatever process or timeframe He uses for you, it’s unique to you.

When you  look in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see an image of what you hoped you’d be?

Do you see an image of what other people imagine you to be?

What words come to mind as you describe this image?



As soon as.

I Wish.


God sees you, He created you and He has plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11) and they don’t include failure nor do they include measuring you against someone else.  Success, failed attempts, weight, skin color, height, marital status, education…we use these things to determine if we’re ‘enough’.

Enough mom, enough daughter, enough employee, enough friend, enough weight loss, enough success. ENOUGH! Seriously it’s enough.

Stay in your lane, keep your eyes on the road. We cannot allow the negative images that float in our minds to float into our site and deceive us by showing up in the mirror.

“ever noticed that a windsheiled is bigger than the rearview mirror is? Maybe its because we should keep the majority of our focus on the road in front of us.” -unknown

-keep your heart pumpin’ & your spirit movin’