What happened to the goals?

What happened to the fitness & nutrition goals you set back in January?

How far have you come since you first make your plan?

If you haven’t reached your goals, what’s the top 3 reasons you believe you haven’t reached your fitness goals up to this point?

Well, I’ve set a few goals and made some progress but they could use some revisiting and in fact, I’m ready to just say hey let’s just go full out. No intimidations, no hesitations to do one more thing than I did before.  I’m deciding to make a commitment to go deeper. Our last conversation, we discussed the joy of going deeper spiritually. Couldn’t we stand to go 1 more mile? One more minute, one more healthier food choice? Why not, right? What do I have to lose.

What do you think would happen if you committed 90 days toward really reaching your goals?

I’m ready to stop the emotional eating, mindless snacking and FINALLY GET RID OF THE REDICULOUS CRAVINGS?

You gotta make the decision to change your life. Make a commitment to do something toward that change.

  • I’m kicking off a 90 day challenge geared to set you up for success with your life goals.

Why? Because I’m sick and tired of seeing so many of us who’ve found that our health has either caused us to give up or because we gave up, (somewhere) our health is now affected. It’s time for a change and I was once told that change ain’t change til it’s changed…

Ok, so what’s this challenge all about?

  • Choose from 3 different packages depending on your budget and your fitness goals.

If I am going to hold you to YOUR fitness goals I need to know you’re using the right workouts and nutrition at home.

How do I know the ones below are the right ones? Well, let’s just say this. I’ve considered so many different things and these are the programs with a total body conditioning system, solid nutrition and with the motivation you’ll get, the results will speak for itself. And as I always say, I would never make you do something I wouldn’t do AND I expect nothing but the best for myself.

You ready? Let’s get movin